1 day in Ancient Region of Anatolia - Cappadocia

What is Cappadocia?
Cappadocia is one of the most beautiful places in Turkey, which literally from old persian means 'the country of beautiful horses'. It's the historical name of the area in the east of Anatolia, in modern Turkey. It is characterized by an extremely interesting landscape of volcanic origin, the underground city, constructed in 1 thousand BC., and extensive cave monasteries, leading its history since the days of the early Christians. Göreme National Park and rock sites of Cappadocia are included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

How do I reach Cappadocia
If you ever come to visit Turkey, don't forget to add Cappadocia to ur #MustVisit lists. The closest big city that has airport and bus terminal is Nevsehir. There are few direct flights to Nevsehir airport from Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya every day. Or another alternative is bus. There are hundreds bus companies, and the prices start from 55 TL one way. Although, if you are in Izmir or Istanbul, it may take up to 10-12hrs to get to Nevsehir bus station. I was traveling from Izmir by bus, bought my tickets from Kamil Koç, so it took 12 hrs to get to Göreme. You can buy tickets from oBilet.com or to go to any travel agencies or bus companies ticket sales offices.

Where did I stay?
I checked many places on booking.com, and finally made a choice at International Guest House. We were 4, and therefore took a room with 4 bedrooms. It costed 45 euro for 4 people for one night. Room was ok, clean, and enough space for 4 of us. 

our group for Green tour: 2 girls from Japan (probably), 2 guys from Brazil, me and my cousin :) 

What to see? 
1) Göreme National Park
2) Goreme Open-Air Museum - free entrance with a museum card (students 20tl, others 50 tl).
3) Rose Valley
4) Ihlara Valley 
5) Pigeon Valley
6) Selime Monastery
7) Love Valley
8) Sunset Point
9) Underground city etc
It's better to take tours to see all of this and many more. There are  Red Tour, Blue Tour, Green tour in Cappadocia. Which places are included to which tour you can see from the 2 photos below. So it's up to you to pick whichever you want. As we stayed there only 1 day, we could choose just one tour - Green tour, because our guide said that it's more popular among the tourists. The prices for tours are 60-80 tl (if i remember right). Moreover, there are ATV (quad) tours in Göreme. You can find them everywhere, for different prices. There are 2 hrs and full day ATV tours. We took 2 hrs tours for 120 tl (if i'm not mistaken again, i can't remember the prices :P ). If you can ride it by yourself, without any instructors, you are also able to take second person with you. We were as a group of 10 people, and they took us to some amazing places. By the way dinner was included to the price. So guys, i highly recommend you to take ATV quadro tour if you decide to go to Cappadocia. 

P.S Don't miss the sunset.

If you have any questions or advices about Capaddocia or about Turkey generally reach me here:

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